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i could raise a small army with my followers

i could take over new zealand 

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idk how to put this but long story short today i learned that a whales penis is a muscle. (???idk what a human penis is but w/e)

so my chem teacher was on a boat and it was whale mating season and one girl whale hugged the boat to protect her lady parts bc she didnt want to have sex or something and then the dude wale basically flung his penis on board and was moving it around and looking for a place to put it and yeah idk

and thats a tiny summary of the fun story our chem teacher told us on her last day bc she’s going back to work with the whales


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So this girl was telling me about the time her cousin had to dog-sit for money. The problem was the dog was really old, and died after the third day. The girl called the family and they asked her to get rid of the body so she deiced to get it cremated, which was at the other side of town so she had to take a subway. Now this wasn’t some scrawny little chihuahua so she didn’t to put it in a big suit case. When she got on the subway (if you didn’t know it’s mandatory to put luggage on the little top shelf things)  she was having difficulties so a man came over and was helping her and he was like “wow this sure is heavy whats in here?” she replied electronics and so the guy punched her in the face and ran away with the bag. 

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